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The Damon System is a modern orthodontic treatment for patients. Unlike traditional treatment, Damon Braces help you achieve a complete, natural smile. It is an innovative braces system which offers more comfort and convenience. The shape-memory wires allow teeth to shift faster than the usual treatment. 

The Damon System uses a specialized slide mechanism to hold and adjust the wire, resulting in a quicker, more more comfortable alignment process. The Damon System is focused on alignment and improving facial esthetics, meaning there is a reduced need for a tooth extraction or palate expander. Because the system does not use metal ties, it is easier for the patient to clean their braces and teeth during treatment. 

The Damon Difference

  • The elastic ligatures in traditional braces create more friction and binding and also require more force and frequent adjustments, whereas, Damon braces have passive self-ligating brackets that allow the freedom of movement and thus ends in amazing results with gentler forces. It is believed to be biologically the most sensible way to improve tooth position and facial aesthetics.
  • Damon braces also provide faster results compared to traditional braces, almost 6 to 7 months earlier! (Exact time for treatment depends on your case.)
  • Without a doubt, Damon braces offer the best, high-quality results and is a much-preferred option among patients.
  • Lastly, it significantly reduces dentist appointments by not requiring frequent visits for adjustments.

Your smile is an important part of your personality. Correct it with Damon self-ligating braces at Varallo Orthodontics! Book an appointment for a consultation today!

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